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Production Lab


and is now location in 402N, as part of our FDLRS Library. 

The FDLRS Production Lab has a variety of equipment you may find useful when constructing teacher-made bulletin boards, posters, wall charts, and other hands-on materials for your students, including:

Ellison Machine - Need some 5" uppercase or lowercase letters and numbers for a bulletin board, or 2" uppercase letters for a smaller display? FDLRS has both the regular and extra-large size Ellison Machines. We also have over 275 graphic dies (click here to view/download a list of our graphic die cuts). We ask that you call for an appointment and please bring your own paper.

Bookbinding Machine - When your students have created some special books that are "keepers," why not bind them together using our bookbinding machine. Just call for an appointment and bring your books and plastic spines (which can be purchased at any office supply store).

Laminator - Due to funding constraints, we are only able to do laminating for FDLRS Workshops only.

Button Machine - Need some special buttons designed by you or your students? You are invited to use our button machine. You will need to purchase the 2 1/2" (in Volusia) or 2 1/4" (in Brevard) button parts (ordering information is available upon request). Please call/email for an appointment.

Poster Maker


In Brevard, to make an appointment for the Production Lab, please contact:

In Volusia, to make an appointment for the Production Lab, please contact: